FEATURED SONG: Zara Tejo & Ernesto Leite – “Fogo Frio”

I’ve been learning Portuguese on and off for three or four years, and about a year ago I heard the most beautiful song while I was listening to some Portuguese radio. The ability to do this while not being in the country of the original broadcast is one of my favourite things about the internet! It depends on the laws of each country, as I have come across some inaccessible content in the past, but fortunately Portugal’s national station Radio Antena has not been off limits here in the UK. Oh yeah – I just remembered Brexit. Anyway, sadly I forgot all about the song, on account of the intermittent nature of my studies, until I heard it again a few months ago…

“Fogo Frio” (translated: “Cold Fire”) is a song by singer Zara Tejo from her 2018 album Eu Sou Tudo Isto (translated: “I Am All of This”), featuring Ernesto Leite, who wrote and composed it. Soothing drums, light acoustic guitar, warm piano and delicate vocals conjure a feeling of strange comfort beneath poetic lyrics about longing and the persistent pain that comes with it.