Aimee Carrero Off-Handedly Creates Inventive Documentary Short

Not everything in Hollywood is all glitz and glam, but that’s not to say that these more ordinary and barely attention-worthy moments don’t have the potential to be equally as entertaining.

Take actress Aimee Carrero, who this Wednesday posted a short documentary ‘a face 4 radio’ to her social media accounts, chronicling her time spent recording voiceovers for her eponymous character from the animated Disney TV series Elena of Avalor. The minute-long short, filled with scraps of outtakes of a quietly focussed and self-coaching Carrero in a warmly lit recording booth, is the perfect example of creating exceptional art out of… nothing, apparently.

Carrero is perhaps best known for starring roles such as Sofia in the Freeform sitcom Young & Hungry (alongside Emily Osment, and a perfect display of the Dominican-American’s comedic ability and timing), Angie in Cartoon Network’s Level Up and more recently the title character in the Netflix animated series She-Ra and the Princesses of Power. She has also made appearances in the television shows The Mentalist, Baby Daddy and The Middle.

When Carrero is not busy blessing our television and laptop screens, she is a very active and vocal Tweeter, a stylish, non-camera-shy Instagrammer, who evidently also happens to know a thing or two about creating quality cinematic content and not just providing quality performances in it. Brava.

And so the One More Open Heart award for Best Documentary Short (if it existed), on account of killer editing, masterful timing and the outstanding ability to act natural, goes to…


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Photo credit: Aimee Carrero

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