Chris Brown drops new music video for “Hope You Do”

When an artist releases an album with over 40 tracks, you might think that they would be satisfied with their work. They can put their feet up and stop there. Not Chris Brown.

Yesterday the veteran and 29-years-young singer from Virginia released his seventh (yes, seventh!) music video from his latest album Heartbreak on a Full Moon (2017). In the song “Hope You Do”, which was produced by ISM and A1 (and contains explicit lyrics), Brown talks of wanting to change his playful and wayward habits for a girl that he really likes, longing for her attention and engagement, while displaying a melodic and emotive vocal performance over the sultry, silky R&B/trap instrumental.

Directed by Daniel Czernilofsky (G-Eazy, Gavin DeGraw, Busta Rhymes) and Brown, and produced by Riveting Entertainment, they really got the vibe spot on. The black and white video contrasts shadows with artificial light, and Brown’s definition as a dancer is clear, as he and several female back-up dancers float around an empty building, and later a tunnel, at night. The camera tilts, accentuating his frame and lines and the end product is something slick, sober and frighteningly formidable.

Everyone has things upon which they can always improve, but when Chris Brown is on form… not many can touch him. Dare I say anyone. It’s not a competition, but rather a recognition of just how much work he puts in (which he often doesn’t get enough credit for), and all of the little artistic details he ponders before implementing. It’s so clean, hits so hard and means so much.

And something which is not so common in the upper echelons of the music sphere these days, is not doing what everybody else is doing. In this video, you can clearly see that Brown is not at all concerned with what’s hot right now – he’s simply utilizing his God-given talent.

I think it’s time for Chris Brown to be seen in his own right. We all love and appreciate those that have come before, such as Michael Jackson (and no one’s denying the King of Pop’s influence), but with efforts like this, Brown continues to showcase his originality, understanding and disciplined skill as an entertainer. He is a jack of all trades, and has mastered some.

Watch the video here:


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