I Wish I Didn’t Quit: Music Lessons – Nathan Holder

Many of us learned instruments as children, whether it was the recorder in class, or private piano or guitar lessons after school, and a lot of us are familiar with that excitement of learning a new extra-curricular skill… But then a lot of us are also all too familiar with a particular thought as we grow up: I wish I didn’t quit.

When it comes up in conversation we talk about it, but no one has any solutions other than a simple, “You should get back into it”. But how do we prevent this from happening in the first place?

I Wish I Didn’t Quit: Music Lessons is a new book which is intended to inspire children and parents to stay motivated as they continue on their musical journey. Rather than focus on the theory of music, the book is filled with priceless advice and anecdotes from world-class musicians and music industry professionals, something music books haven’t really covered before.

The author, Nathan Holder, is a London-based musician who has worked in Europe as a musician and musical director. Having performed with Ed Sheeran, and currently playing saxophone in the top Prince tribute band in the UK, Holder achieved his masters degree in 2017.

The idea for the book came to him a few years ago when he realised that it is very common for people to begin learning an instrument, give it up, and then regret it years later. “I would play at concerts and have conversations with many people who said that they wished they didn’t quit their instrument when they were younger,” says Holder. “I decided to write I Wish I Didn’t Quit: Music Lessons for parents and teachers to help their children not to quit their instruments.”

I Wish I Didn't Quit quote Nathan Holder

The book features quotes from many musicians, including Quest Love (Grammy® Award winning co-founder of The Roots), Jermaine Griggs (CEO of hearandplay.com; having amassed 23.1 million views on YouTube) and Hannah V (who has worked with the likes of JP Cooper, Rihanna and Jason Derulo).

Lucy Green, author and Emerita Professor of Education at UCL was quoted to have said: “This is a thoroughly engaging book written from the heart… Many parents and adults who wish they hadn’t quit will recognise the tales [Holder] tells and will benefit from his words of wisdom.”

This is something that will help both children and adults. It would be a pity to let something that can potentially be so rewarding slip, so we welcome the expertise from people who (you never know, may have even quit at one point!) persevered and therefore managed to make a successful way for themselves in music.

Now on sale worldwide on Amazon Prime, the book will be launched tomorrow 22nd May in Barking, London. Free tickets are available from Eventbrite.

You can purchase I Wish I Didn’t I Quit: Music Lessons on Amazon UK.

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