NEW MUSIC: Ellis Aaron – “Me & You (Remix)”

Ellis Aaron is a singer, songwriter and musician from Bristol who is slowly making a name for himself on both the Bristol and worldwide music scenes. Having had his music played on local and international radio stations and received a lot of positive feedback from his fans and peers alike for his soulful and high-calibre productions, Aaron has released a new follow-up remix to his most recent single.

Described by the artist to be “the culmination of several years of experimentation and exploration of music”, his first official project, ‘Focus’ was released in August 2017. The three-track EP featured the songs “Now’s the Time”, “Can’t Wait to See the Sun” and “Soul is Home”, all of different genres ranging from soul and funk to hip-hop.

Ellis Aaron live
Ellis Aaron performing at Bishops Tavern, Bristol. Photo credit: Aiden Harmitt-Williams

A few months later, he released a new single called “Me & You”. Originally intended to be included on the EP, it didn’t make the cut as Aaron felt that it “didn’t suit the project”. The upbeat love song is sort of a throwback to the R&B from the last decade, but incorporating the singer/producer’s own style, with lyrics based on personal experience.

Ellis Aaron recently shared plans to create an alternative version of “Me & You”. Continuing the theme of changing things up – and in doing so, showcasing his dexterity and versatility as a producer – the remix implements live instruments and has resulted in a mix of various Latin styles, such as salsa.

Have a listen to the remix, which is out today:


Download and stream the original version of “Me & You” at Bandcamp or on other major platforms.

You can find Ellis Aaron on:

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