FEATURED: Melvzxlife – Photographer

You know when something that’s NOT a meme, funny video or potential new crush pops up on your timeline, and you’re just like, “damn”. Yeah, not that often is it. Well, this happened earlier this week when I saw this:

melvzxlife ig Berlin
Underground in Berlin. Photo credit: @melvzxlife

One M E L V Z X L I F E (Kelvin Williams) is the owner of this stunning photograph. Where to begin: the colour, the editing? The lines, the depth? The time on the clock? I don’t know, but to add to all of these things, I think that what completes the image is the person and their position in it.

I went over to the Bristol-based photographer’s Instagram and… where’s the swear jar? Damn, damn, damn. Most of his photos are shot on iPhone using VSCO and are of cityscapes and buildings. In particular, his eye for lighting and acute awareness of space and angles is reflected in his thoughtful and complex works. I don’t want to say that he’s always in the right place at the right time, because I believe that you have to apply yourself and show initiative in order to achieve the results that you want – luck is just a small percentage. But if it looks easy and fortuitous, then he must be doing something right.

These are some of my picks:

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I’ve not much more to say as the images speak for themselves. Find @melvzxlife on Instagram, and happy scrolling!


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