FEATURED: ‘Over The Bridge’ Podcast

I know this one doesn’t fall under the confines of art, but when something’s so good, you have to share it. Anyway, this blog is all about opening avenues, minds, ventricles and hearts, so this absolutely ticks the box.

Podcasts are all the rage at the moment, although they’re not a particularly new phenomenon. However, with a large volume of them to sift through, it can be hard to find the gems, and that’s where I’ve come to the rescue!

Over The Bridge is one of those gems, and it features four Cambridge graduates from London – Bilal, Kwaku, Patrick and Tom – who share their experiences, opinions and ideas on a plethora of topics now that they’ve passed “over the ‘bridge”.

Over The Bridge Podcast
Top: Patrick and Tom; Bottom: Bilal and Kwaku. Photo credit: Over The Bridge

They’re fairly new, having released their first of mostly weekly episodes back in February (very interesting discussion on whether they would choose to study at Cambridge again, as students of ethnic minority backgrounds – namely black and mixed-race – at a predominantly white and (upper) middle-class establishment). Their time at the Oxbridge university isn’t the only subject they touch on, far from it, with episodes covering masculinity and vulnerability; whether a black middle-class exists in the UK; and the positives and negatives of gentrification.

Being a fly on the wall is priceless, and what’s nice about these guys is their palpable camaraderie. They always welcome and respect the opinions of one another, and seem to genuinely want to open the floor to their listeners with their debate. I don’t ever get the impression that any one of them speaks with an ego. Their aim is to ask the questions that no one is asking, get people to think about things they probably never would have, and, I think, most importantly want to have a positive and progressive effect on their peers, particularly but not exclusively within the black community.

It’s really inspiring and refreshing to hear such cogent thought – not just to pass the time, but with passionate purpose.

Listen back to episodes of Over The Bridge on SoundCloud or Apple Podcasts.

You can find Over The Bridge on:


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